Pay Per Click Ads in Dubai

Web Marketing Spider has an effective strategy for PPC (pay per click) ads. We are offering Pay Per Click Ads in Dubai. We work step by step so that the campaign should not lose the effectiveness. Some of the steps of our strategy are described below.

  • First of all we will find the competitors and their position in the particular field, how they are promoting, and how we can do better.
  • We will come up with the collection of  product information that you want to promote. We will gather information in two ways demographically and geographically, so that it can help us make a sustainable plan.
  • After that there comes the turn of keywords. We will research for the keywords that can rank highly.
  • AdWords Campaign will not only be graphical but content based as well.
  • We will run the campaign, and then closely monitor it, so that we can find out if there is any discrepancy.
  • We will report you on weekly and monthly basis.







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